November 28, 2008

WIth a Red Velvet Cover

I am jumbled with emotion
A weeping love letter
Words are desperately put on me
I was a sacrificed tree
I've been flattened and colored
Deep secrets hide inside me
I'm a concealed possession,
An old woman's soul
With a red velvet cover
My body is torn and withered
From a struggled life that's been lived
I am an untold biography
Its chapters never revealed
I am the truth
With bruises blue and black
I am evidence of an agonizing life
I'm her forever broken heart
My pages are cracked
I'm her sorrow and tears
Smeared words that can't be read
Tucked away under a mattress
Only one knows where I am
All locked up
And only she holds key

*wrote this for my creative writing class senior year

November 23, 2008

You Are Both To Blame

How did we lose this time?
Another runaway.
Another tear.
Another love lost.

You are both to blame.

It's not just you you're hurting.
More than your hearts are breaking.
The thought never crossed your minds.
Again we are forgotten.

How are you giving up?
Another vow undone.
Another leave.
Another good-bye.

You are both to blame.