December 28, 2007

Street Corners

There are nights the world is still,
and empty hearts need to fill.
Hiding in street corners,
they are closer than we think.

November 30, 2007

Sweet Berries

Content where they are
sweet berries wait.
In time a hand comes
revealing their fate.

Chosen by exterior
sweet berries do not deceive.
Buds left with a pleasant taste
what do berries receive?

October 19, 2007


The leaves are full of color
We dance and let them fall
Landing on our shoulders
Never living this way at all.

May 29, 2007


My nails have chipped.
The moment is gone.
It comes so slow
but soon it's done.
Each moment is a drop of rain.
You watch it fall
and you feel the splash.
You lose it all.

May 24, 2007


Can you hear my thoughts?
Lord, they're racing through my mind.
Confusing my emotions deeply,
these words are not too kind.
I'm being pushed into doubt,
and there's nothing I can say.
Lord, they're getting louder now.
Show me the better way.
Where my pride is non existent.
Where I fall to you on both knees.
Hoping for my vocation,
Lord make it clear to me.
It seems like everyone knows
exactly what they're going to do,
and I sit here crying, lost
Lord, can I be amazing too?
I've been given talents
that I've seem to forgotten how to use.
My thoughts put them down,
and my confidence is abused.
So bring me back.
Draw me near.
Take my hand.
Wipe my tears.

March 18, 2007

Love Letters

I often find you
in places that can't be seen.
In the notebook of my heart
you write me love letters
only I can read.

January 18, 2007


What the heart needs
is a pair of wings
never needing to fly.