July 21, 2011


You've become my home away from home.

The sun sets at my back,
and I drive away from you,
without wanting to.

Toward the darkness I drive.

You've become where my honesty lies,
on a porch step,
with a ball jar beside.

Holding my secrets, it holds the unknown.

Only you've cared to listen,
when out pours my soul.

July 11, 2011


I leave for Amissville, Virginia in 22 days, and although there are unanswered questions, fears that often attempt to creep their way into the forefront of my mind, and too many shoes for one suitcase, I think I'm ready.

This summer, God has become my friend. Go ahead, sing all the cheesy songs. Get it out of your system. But I'm serious.

The past 7 months have been a struggle. A struggle to forgive. To let go. To listen. To speak. A struggle of patience, mainly with myself. Most of all, a struggle to just be who I am and trust that there are people out there who will still love me, baggage and all.

I have found the more I've started to treat my relationship with God as a friendship, the easier it has become to really believe His promises and overwhelming love. I guess the support from a friend is what I have needed most to truly grasp what He desires for me. And there really is no better friend than Jesus.

But He knows me well enough to know I need some sort of tangibility, and therefore, has blessed me with incredible close friends, old and new (you know who you are). Each one continues to play a pivotal role in my life. In my journey. God has used all of them in some way to get me to this point of readiness.

I know these next few weeks are going to fly, and there is still much to be done before the big move, but I take comfort in knowing and recognizing the eagerness of my spirit, one that can only be credited to the work God has done in my life these past months and His gift of friendship.