March 31, 2008


I am astounded
by your lack of better judgment.
Did you honestly expect
I'd be blind to
your selfish intent?
I may cry
but my tears reflect your lies
so I can see the truth.
I may die
but only the part of me
that's wrapped around you.

March 30, 2008

Everlasting Sound

I let the drums
beat in my heart
with Your everlasting sound.
I carry it with me
as I walk through
rocky ground.

Your word is my sword.
My faith is the shield
against all who try
to break me
and take me from Your field.

Where your love is
the wildflowers
vibrant and growing
brushing my legs
as I run free
into Your showing
of what I am
and what I will become.

For You know the plans
You have for me
plans to prosper me
and not to harm me
plans to give me hope
and a future.

I'll keep Your word as my sword
and when summer dies
and wildflowers are gone
I'll find Your love
in acorns.

Strong and growing
like my shield of faith
faith in knowing
what You are
and what You will always be
the only one who could ever
look inside of me.

My maker
the footprints I follow
when the world
turns cold with snow
but I am not afraid
as I walk the road.

For I know I'll see Your face
as my soul awakes
into eternity
like tulips in the spring
when first kissed with the sun.

Until then I'll live
by faith and word

They're continually spun.
Spun like seasons
You always come.

March 26, 2008


Time spent
trying to live
instead of actually living.

I can't get it back.
Another day is rising
but I can't see the fire.

I walk up the hill
for a closer look
only to find ashes.

March 24, 2008


Open my ears
I can't hear you clearly
I don't know how to listen

Open my eyes
I can't see you anywhere
I don't know which path to follow

Open my heart
I can't feel you anymore
I don't know how to love

I want to change
I thought I was trying
Is my effort not enough?

I want to live
But my life is dying
Is it supposed to be this tough?