February 16, 2011


You've spent your life searching
in all the wrong places.
What you want you won't find
under sheets and blankets.
They're alluring.
They're addicting.
And they'll kill your spirit fast.
These lies you are living
will make your "satisfaction" crack.
At least one day.
Maybe not today.
Probably not tomorrow.
But one day.
I hope.

February 7, 2011


It's the bend of my spirit
as you're ripping my heart,
but I'm not tricked by you.

What you thought you knew,
you never really knew.

It's the break of my gaze
as you're twisting my arm,
but I'm not fixed by you.

What I thought I knew,
I never really knew.

February 4, 2011


And who am I?
Nothing but an Israelite?
Forgetting You
despite Your glory.
Forgetting You
despite Your love for me.

And what have I done?
Made idols of what is seen?
And I wonder why there's
a lack of faith
for the unseen.
And I wonder why there's
a lack of peace
as they drown me.

Shower me with Your mercy.
Shower me with Your promise.

I don't deserve all of You.
You deserve all of me.