September 15, 2010

Another Day

Another rainy morning.
Another cup of coffee.
Another day to serve the Lord.
He answers prayers according to His perfect will.
Those without alignment to His plans:
He provides comfort and peace and a better way.
My God in heaven, there is nothing greater.
His son Jesus Christ, there is nothing sweeter.
I long for holiness.
I long for peace.
I long for a pure heart, mind, and soul.
But most of all I long to dwell
in the overwhelming presence of the Spirit,
which surpasses all understanding.
Which provides rest to the weak and hope for the lost.
How could I not praise?
How could glory not be brought to Your name?
Without You my breaths are just passings of time.
But in receiving the breath of life,
my breaths are moments surrendered to You,
so that I may be an example of Your love and light.
Let each breath I take not bring me closer to death,
but closer to life.
To eternity spent with You.