April 7, 2009

On The Safest Ledge

I am in extreme pain for reasons only females understand. Ugh.

I am also kicking myself for the stupid mistakes I made on my Spanish test. I am convinced I am a bad test taker because I know the information before going into the test, and then I take the test and second guess EVERYTHING.

But I am trying not to let all of this ruin my day.

Because today is a special day.

I have tickets to see one of my favorite bands, Copeland. I have been listening to Copeland since I was 16, so I am more than excited to finally see them live. I've heard different stuff about their live performances, and tonight I will get to see for myself. I am betting on an amazing show!

"Don't look ahead, just run to me.
Each step will find the next one recklessly.
We'll find ourselves on the safest ledge.
Well pardon me, I couldn't help myself."

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Anonymous said...


Have fun at Copeland! I have been dying to see them. They were in Houston TWO DAYS AGO, but I didn't find out until right before the show. I was so bummed. BUT! I am vicariously living through you :) Have a fabulous time, friend.