December 23, 2009


My 5th semester at Evangel was perhaps the toughest semester yet, but somehow it managed to finish so quickly. I can only hope I'll remember all of its happenings, considering I decided to only blog once and journal a grand total of three times. What have I become? I am no longer the journaling maniac I once was. My goal to journal at least once a week was definitely not met. Luckily, the new year is approaching, and even though usually most are forgotten, thrown away, and result in failure, I will continue my cliche tradition of writing New Year's resolutions and hope this year won't be like the rest! Here they are in no particular order other than my random thought process...

1. Discover God in a new way (through His love, His people, His truth, His word)
2. Exercise AT LEAST 3 times a week
3. Read one book a month (this is ambitious)
4. Spend less time on the computer and more time LIVING
5. Volunteer whenever an opportunity arises
6. Journal AT LEAST once a week (let's give this another shot)
7. Write creatively AT LEAST once a week
8. Stay optimistic but realistic
9. Estudiar español con más frecuencia
10. Eat less Taco Bell (in other words, eat healthier)
11. Give more
13. Continue saving $$
14. Practice the guitar EVERYDAY
15. Get a 4.0

Hold me accountable and wish me luck!

Love always,



littlemisssunshine said...

i will hold you accountable! those are great resolutions.

Danielle [aka: Bella, Bel, & Biz] said...

Hi gorgeous girl :] it made my heart jump knowing you are following my 2010 while i follow yours.
great resolutions.
i look forward to hearing how they all go.
y cuando estas estudiar espanol mucho... podemos hablar en espanol juntos :]

[if we ever actually are home at the same time and decide that we want to do more than SAY we should get lunch and actually GO get lunch!]

Anonymous said...

Think about you a lot, miss Hartman. Hope you are well -- good luck on this new year. Love, Kayla