April 13, 2010

When I was 20

Considering my 21st birthday is tomorrow, I thought I'd make a list of some awesome moments I had during my first year out of the teens.

When I was 20....

my friends threw me a surprise party!

my hair was the shortest it's ever been!

I held a monkey!

I went up the St. Louis arch!

I got a new puppy!

I saw Coldplay for the 3rd time!

I had great summer times with great friends!

I went to a Tigers game!

I hung out with my BFF!

I saw the wonderful Jason Mraz in concert for the first time!

I had the best fondue of my life!

I had an AWESOME fall break!

I was dead Dorothy for Halloween!

I wore an ugly Christmas sweater!

I rode a horse for the first time!

My mom showed me how to bake Christmas treats!

I got my wisdom teeth taken out just in time for New Years Eve!

I celebrated my Dad's 50th birthday!

I went on a bike ride in the middle of January

I went to Paris!

I went to Berlin!

So yes. It was quite a fabulous year! :)


George said...

AHHH I might steal this idea. You are so blessed and it makes me sooooo happy to see how amazing your year has been! 21 will me that much more amazing, I'm sure!

Marie said...

Wow, what a year! You are blessed!

I love this!

Kelci said...

hello my bestie best friend!! I loved your lil ode to being 20! I'm glad I made it in there :) I miss you oodles!! I hope your birthday is going wonderful! expect a phone call later today so I can update you on my life and you can update me on yours! I love you to the moon and miss you even more! I hope your 21st is everything you wanted it to be and more!!!! love you!

Jeremy Eutsler said...

The waters if success are moving!

Miss Koree said...

whoooa! that is quite a year. coldplay, jason mraz, branson landing, st louis...oh man. sounds like you had a great year!
have a happy monday!