May 25, 2010

COSTA RICA (week 2)

Even with a semi-redundant schedule, my second week in Costa Rica was filled with awesome adventures, nonetheless.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010:

As previously stated, every Tuesday the ISA students participate in "cultural events." Our second cultural event was going to the "Museo de Oro" (Museum of Gold). It definitely wasn't the best museum I've ever been to, but it was fairly interesting. Basically, the museum focuses on the importance of gold in the history of Costa Rica. The museum lacked diversity in its artifacts, but it was neat seeing different objects made of gold. We were given an hour to look through the whole museum, but we only needed about 30 minutes. Like I said, it definitely wasn't the best museum I've been to, but I am thankful to be given the opportunity to learn more about Costa Rica.

After the "Museo de Oro," we all got POPS ice cream for free! I decided to order blackberry sorbet and it was delicious. Then, Kate, Angie, and I went to visit with a missionary family in San Pedro, about 10-15 minutes from where we live. It was nice hearing about their ministry and how God has worked through them.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010:

Wednesdays are pretty cool here, because movies only cost about $2. I have been dying to see Robin Hood, so a bunch of the ISA students went to the movie theater this night. The theaters here are no different than the ones in the states. Comfy chairs, popcorn, candy, etc. But of course the theater prices are so much better here. :]

Saturday, May 22 - Sunday, May 23, 2010:

It was hard for me to imagine any excursion being as beautiful as Tamarindo, but our second excursion to Arenal definitely gave Tamarindo a run for its money. Unfortunately the Arenal excursion was only two days, but the trip was still incredible!

Saturday started bright and early with the bus leaving at the good old hour of 6 am. I managed to sleep on the bus for a bit, and the rest of the time I listened to my Ipod. Seeing as they hardly ever play good movies on the bus, I have thoroughly enjoyed thinking about life while listening to Mosquito Fleet. Their album is one of the few albums I can listen to straight through, and it's a perfect bus ride companion for zoning out the trash and insane amounts of profanity coming from the TVs.

Anyway, our first stop was to this really cool garden that reminded me of Edward Scissorhands! Then we went to this beautiful waterfall. Of course, right when we got off the bus it started to rain. As if the hike to the waterfall wasn't difficult enough, it began to pour! There I was with my water bottle and my mom's Canon Rebel trying not to fall and doing everything possible to keep the camera dry, until eventually I was looking at this creation that left me speechless. Eager to join the rest of the group in the water, I had our tour guide guard my camera as I jumped in and felt the strength of the mass of water flowing down from above. I even jumped off a log fairly high up from the water! I was sad we weren't able to stay longer but was excited to get to the hotel, Los Largos.

As we drove to our rooms and passed all the hotel had to offer, I could not believe I was staying somewhere so incredible. The plant life was gorgeous and the view of the volcano was jaw dropping. The day was spent swimming in the pools and hot springs and enjoying the water slides. Later in the night we had a delicious dinner provided by the hotel, and we surprisingly called it a night soon after, which was probably for the best considering I was going canyoning at 7:30 the next morning.

Originally I wasn't even planning on going canyoning, but I am so happy I decided to partake in an unforgettable experience! The first repel was down a 164 foot cliff with a waterfall to my right. All I can really say is BEAUTIFUL! I never would have guessed I would be given the opportunity to do something so extreme. There were 3 other repels including waterfalls (most going directly through the waterfall) and 1 repel down a regular cliff. We were repelling down at least 80 feet each time! I was sad when all was said and done, and I definitely wasn't ready for the bus ride home.

Cool garden place!

The waterfall!


Awesome view!

After my first repel of 164 feet!

Week two was another great week for me, despite moments of homesickness. There are a few things I haven't mentioned yet, though, and I should. First of all, my mama Tica is the most amazing cook! I haven't had a bad meal since I've been here. It's amazing how much better everything tastes here because most of it is fresh and natural! I am pretty sure I've gained at least 5 pounds, so I know what I'll be doing when I get back to the states...RUNNING! Until then, I will enjoy eating whatever I please. Also, the coffee is so incredible, and I can't wait to bring some home with me. And oh yeah, trying to learn a language in 5 weeks is impossible, especially at the level I started out with. Everyday tests the patience I have with myself...and I realize I don't have much. However, I do think I am better than when I came, and as long as that's the case, I will be happy. :]

Until next time,



Laurisha said...

Just out of curiosity what is the best museum you have ever been to? Your pictures capture the beauty you tell. Also, EAT all you want! I gained weight when I was abroad, and it is worth it!

Allison Dowell said...

I just read all of your posts about Costa Rica. I am so glad you are enjoying your time there. Everything sounds like such an adventure. And you will definitely be speaking Spanish well when you get back.

Also, I was so happy you listened to the Fleet! haha. We went to their show last night. It was awesome, and I took a video so you can check that out on Facebook.

I love you and miss you so much!!!