November 24, 2010

San Francisco

Over the past 3 1/2 years of college, I've been given many awesome travel opportunities; my most recent being a trip to the lovely San Francisco for the National Communication Association conference. Luckily, the trip wasn't all work and no play. California has always been on my list of places to visit, and I couldn't have had a better first impression. For 3 days I explored the crooked streets, savored the best clam chowder I've ever tasted, visited San Fran's most famous spots, and enjoyed a beautiful view from the 39th floor of the Hilton Hotel in Union Square...

View from my hotel room at sunrise

My new favorite tourist attraction

Pier 39

Don't be fooled, sure they look cute, but they smell awful!

Crowds, crowds, and more crowds

"Who You Callin' A CRAB?"

Recognize this guy? He earned some fame with his appearance on The Princess Diaries!

Best $4.50 I've ever spent

Twin Peaks

First time on the Golden Gate

One of many beautiful Victorian style houses


Ferry ride under the Golden Gate

Just in time for the sunset

Alcatraz Island...SPOOKY

The city from the ferry

"I left my heart in San Francisco, high on a hill it calls to me
To be where little cable cars climb halfway to the stars.
The morning fog may chill the air, I don't care.
My love waits there in San Francisco, above the blue and windy sea,
When I come home to you, San Francisco, your golden sun will shine for me."

Frank Sinatra,
I couldn't agree more.

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