January 22, 2014

Breaking the Silence

Note to self: You may want to be good at this whole blogging thing, but the truth is, you've got some work to do.
Let's be honest, the word blogging is pretty interchangeable here. Why?

One word. Say it with me.


Can't say it's a virtue of mine. I often set out to accomplish various goals-learning how to play the guitar, running on a regular basis, reading one book a month, etc.-but my lack of discipline outshines my apparent desire every time.

However, my recent committment to a gluten free lifestyle is proving otherwise. Sure, I've only been at it for about two weeks, but I'm feeling pretty darn good about that. Fighting my beer cravings and turning down cupcakes at work does not happen easily, ok?

And I'd like to think showing discipline in one area of my life will eventually flow into others. Could breaking my blog silence be proof of that? I guess we'll find out if I go another five months without posting...

Seriously, though, I made the decision to go gluten free with hopes of improving my acne, but just maybe this journey is for more than what meets the eye. Maybe it's teaching me a little more about the state of my heart and how growth is possible, goals can be achieved!

All it takes is a little bit of rice flour and a whole lot of discipline. ;)

Stay steadfast my friends,



Anonymous said...

I'm commenting to encourage you forward :) I know there are definitely areas in my life I could discipline myself better :cough cough: writing :cough:...

Destiny Rothwell said...

Glad you're back! Perhaps realizing people love reading your words will help prod you back into blogging. Your story is worth telling! At the very least, share some GF recipes!!

And I suggest the blogger app to use on the go!