July 30, 2010


To be honest I never actually heard anyone say "howdy" in Texas. But even without the Texas cliches, I still had an awesome time visiting with my family for a few days. The drive was a whopping 15 hrs. long, which explains this greasy hair, no make-up, tired eyes look:

But after a day of recovering, the highlight of my trip took place at the Fort Worth Stockyards. I highly recommend anyone in the area to pay a visit to this wonderful southern attraction.

My family loves laughing, and nothing made us laugh more during my stay than a couple of good rounds of "Imagine If..."

And we love eating almost as much as we love laughing. My favorite meal: a delicious breakfast of crepes, fruit, hash browns, and coffee.

My visit was relaxing and just what I needed before heading back to school in a couple weeks!

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