October 20, 2011

High Horse

We have been called
to share the Gospel with the people,
yet we sit in our seats
never reaching those outside the steeple.
How long will we sit,
crying as we watch,
those who are hurting
becoming more lost?
How long will we stand
in the midst of their pleas?
Standing doing nothing,
we assist in their defeat.
And who are we then?
We're worse than the sin
that traps them.
How do we represent Christ
if we aren't willing to die to ourselves
in order to save them?
Ignorance is bliss,
but ignorance we can't claim.
If we've heard from God at all,
we know we're called to save.
But don't start riding on the horse
you've placed so high.
We are merely vessels
God uses to save HIS lives.
He loves more than we ever could.
He knows more than we ever should.
But we'll have to answer
for the moments we merely stood.


Allison Shepherd said...

Love the new blog Elise! I can tell you worked hard on it. Looks great! :)

Samson Jey said...

I love this poem...great words that are very perfectly put together...every word has a great direction its taking the reader...keep up the great work...words are powerful when actions back them up..