September 11, 2014

She Will Be Made Well

This post has been a long time coming; the idea of it floating around in my head and heart since the winter months, when God brought to my attention these words from Jesus in Luke 8:50,

"she will be made well."

The phrase is just a tiny portion of Jesus' miracles of healing in Luke 8:40-56, but it was what I needed. These are stories of physical healing, but I'd argue there was healing going on in the souls of these people and their families and their communities, as well. In the midst of depression rearing its ugly head, I needed to be reminded that I, too, was being made well by Christ.

So I clung to these words and found that even after my need for them became less apparent, I couldn't escape them. They were stuck in my soul, and I started believing they weren't just meant for me. I spent many months thinking and sharing and crying and breaking and praying over them.

I knew they were meant for us all, but I also knew God impressed them on me for a specific people. But who?

Flash forward to about a month ago when I accepted a youth specialist position at a home for refugee girls. Yes, the projected 60,000+ refugee children crossing U.S. borders in 2014, these girls are among them. Their stories and journeys are heavy and hard to accept, but they are very real.

And it didn't take long for me to realize, she will be made well is for them.

I know it will be hard for these girls to believe it, that Christ could heal their hearts and minds from the trauma they've experienced. That He could restore their souls. But that's what He does.

He takes us by the hand and calls to us saying, "Child, arise!"

He gives us our spirit back.

And He makes us well.


Ana Pierce said...

I love this.

Danielle Lussier said...

Talitha Kum! Beautiful sister beautiful.

Simply Davelyn said...

What a lovely post! Working with refugee girls has been something I want to do for a long time, but I have never been able to find out where to volunteer (google isn't helpful in regards to this haha). Are there any sites that you would recommend with getting involved? I live in Portland.